Studying at University while working in a Professional Position. My Experience so far….

Studying at University while working in a Professional Position. My Experience so far….

It is not impossible for graduates and current students to find a job they really enjoy. University education is the door opener to the buzzing professional world. How do I know this? I am a current university student studying in Manchester as well as balancing a professional job, I love, in recruitment.

Given the lengthy summer holidays that come along with the university life, as well as having fun after exam time, this is also the perfect opportunity to earn some great money. In the right job, this can be easily done.

SaR Consultancy offered me my dream job in recruitment before I had even graduated. I had no experience in recruitment and the closest thing to studying business was at A-Level. Once beginning this job, I was able to develop my skills and learn the role whilst working it. Every day I am developing and learning new things in my exciting role.

This opportunity is available to every student/graduate if you just know how to look. The job market is one that can be daunting and is often full of rejection. I know this from personal experience.


My top tips for getting yourself into the professional job market

Firstly Persistence. If you get rejected from one position try and try again, just keep applying.

Second top tip, highlight your best professional skills, be it your team leaderships skills, IT skills or planning and research skills.

The final tip comes from the interview stage. As well as dressing appropriately and being on time, don’t be afraid to do your research on the company and what they do. It will really help if you go to your interview with questions about what the company does and ideas on what you could bring the company.


Make yourself stand out!

You too can find a job that you’re excited to wake up and go to, without jeopardising your studies. Recruitment is just one example of the exciting and professional jobs you can get in to.

We work within some great sectors that are always looking for bright, enthusiastic, talented people. Be that in IT, Sales, Financial or Legal roles we can open those doors for you.

If you would like any tips, guidance or would like to discuss how SaR Consultancy can help you find a role you love then get in touch with me at I’m happy to help however I can, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you and our clients while also being approachable, ethical and honest.

We look forward to hearing from you


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